ALGO of Switzerland stands for loyalty toward our clients, family and co-workers. The Goetschel family has owned and overseen production of the ALGO of Switzerland line for three generations. We are only as strong as our family, which includes our incredible staff and clients.

Our family is determined to treat each of our exclusive customers with all possible care.  Our family’s shared vision is simple: we invest in long-lasting bonds both externally and internally. We are proud that our success is due to the devotion of returning clients.

We only use fabrics from Europe. We know all our suppliers personally and visit them frequently.  We are closely involved in the way they process their material, the kind of equipment they use, and their respect for nature, as environmental sound production is vital to the integrity of our company.

Maintaining quality requires constant attention.  100 years of meticulous hiring and training, assures that your garments will be have the attention to detail and persistent quality for which ALGO of Switzerland is known. 

We are grateful of our rich history and hope that you enjoy the quality that this history affords.