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Trunk Show Schedule F/W 2017

Somewhere along the way, shopping lost its glamour. Gone are private model showings in chandelier-lit department stores. Now, we’re likely to place an order online and transfer purchases directly from shipping box to closet without experiencing the slightest spark of joy.

You need ALGO. True luxury is exquisite pieces custom made for you—opening a closet to find you love everything you see and knowing every piece fits perfectly.

Join us and take control of your shopping process. Meet with a fashion consultant to determine your perfect fit; in return you’ll receive pieces tailored to your exact specifications.

Your order will be hand-made by the most accomplished seamstresses in Switzerland. When your shipment from ALGO arrives, it’s as if Christmas and your birthday are combined into one thrilling day. The fabrics are more beautiful than you remember. The fits are exquisite. You can see yourself as that woman, the one who owns every room she graces with her presence.

You owe it to yourself. Make fashion magical again.


Naples/FL - March

March 1st - March 4th


Omaha/NE - March

March 6th - March 11th


Delray Beach/FL - March

March 16th - March 18th

Vero Beach/FL - March

March 20th - March 22nd

Palm Beach/FL - March

March 23rd - March 25th

Pittsburgh/PA - March

March 28th - April 1st

Montclair/NJ - April

April 6th - April 8th


Birmingham/AL - April

April 10th - April 12th

Nashville/TN - April

April 13th - April 15th

Denver/CO - April

April 17th - April 18th

Oklahoma City/OK - April

April 27th - April 29th

Austin/TX - Mai

Mai 1st - Mai 3rd

San Antonio/TX

May 4th - May 6th

Corpus Christi/TX

May 8th - May 10th


May 11th - May 13th

Winston Salem/NC

May 15th - May 17th

Little Rock/AR

May 18th - May 20th

Lake Forest/IL

June 5th - June 10th